Syringe Filling

Syringe Filling

BSM has proven success in filling challenging products such as viscous materials and suspensions. We utilize state-of-the-art isolator technology to ensure the greatest sterility assurance. Small scale fills, less than 1000 units, can easily be accomplished in our manual isolator. BSM can also split lots to enable a portion be placed in one container type and the remainder in another to allow collection of information on stability of each container.

Syringe Filling Detail:​

  • Syringe Sizes: 0.5 mL, 1 mL long, 1 mL – 10 mL standard, glass or polymer
  • Capacity: up to 60,000 (upper limit dependent upon syringe size)
  • Components: Nest configuration – standard and custom
  • Vacuum Assisted Filling and Stoppering
  • Peristaltic or Rotary Piston pumps available
  • Fully isolated filling environments
  • Inert head-space if required

Manual Filling Line

Manual Filling

We offer isolator-based, manual syringe filling. This solution is excellent for pre-clinical or Phase I drug product lots of less than 2,000 units per batch.

The video depicts cartridge filling in our manual, isolator-based filling line. Syringe filling activities are similar.

Semi-Automated Filling Line

Semi-Automated Syringe Filling

Our semi-automated isolator-based filling line can process syringes from 1mL to 10mL up to lots of 20,000 units.

Processing Modes

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Automated Filling Line

Automated Syringe Filling

Our automated filling line can process syringes up to 60,000 units per batch. It features fully robotic and automated filling in isolators and RTU tub decontamination to offer the greatest sterility assurance achievable.

Processing Modes

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