Some products are simply too sensitive and require lyophilization to maintain appropriate shelf-life and efficacy for their intended patient. BSM has a clean-in-place, steam-in-place lyo. We also have experience with lyophilizing products within a syringe which can reduce costly waste from hold-up volumes. All filling operations and transfer to the lyo are performed in permanently connected isolators.

In early 2022, we will be adding a third filling line that will increase our lyophilization capability to 35,000 10R vials.

Lyophilization Details:​

  • Container Sizes: Client Directed
  • Capacity: Client Directed – up to 35,000 10 mL vials
  • Operations: Manual, Semi-Automated, or Automated – all
  • Components: Client Specified
  • Fully isolated filling environments
  • Lyo development and optimization services

Need Development?

Unlock the full potential of your lyophilization process with our expert guidance. Whether you need development, optimization, or a seamless transfer, we are here to give you the best product and experience possible.

Our dedicated team ensures a water-free, high-quality cake in a fast cycle time.

Semi-Automated Filling Line

Semi-Automated Vial Filling & Lyophilization

Our semi-automated isolator-based fill and lyophilize up to 3,500 10R vials. This line is ideal for clinical-scale lyo projects.

Processing Modes

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Automated Filling Line

Automated Vial Filling & Lyophilization

Our automated filling line can lyophilize up to 35,000 10R vials, and the line will be fitted with a second lyophilizer to double capacity by 2025. This line features fully robotic and automated filling in isolators to offer the greatest sterility assurance achievable.

Processing Modes

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