The ABCs of Formulation Development

The ABCs of Formulation Development

About this webinar:

For many pharmaceutical and biotech companies entering preclinical and clinical studies, their formulation is still in development. While most have prepared the formulation in their own lab, developing a formulation for sterile fill finish is a different challenge requiring different information. How do you scale up your formulation? Can your product be sterile filtered? How do you maintain homogeneity in suspensions? Is the drug product compatible with the vessel and tubing selected? How soon in advance does the drug product need to be prepared for filling activities? What equipment is needed in your formulation?

In this webinar, we describe how your CMO can help develop and scale-up your formulation. We will also discuss supporting studies and tests that can be performed to determine your equipment requirements and build your formulation process, and what information you will need to know before you contract with and fill finish CMO.

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