Aseptic Filling Challenges for Intravitreal Drug Products

Aseptic Filling Challenges for Intravitreal Drug Products

About this webinar:

Intravitreal (IVT) drug products are used to treat a variety of retinal conditions including some that prevent, halt, or reverse damage that can lead to blindness. While IVT injection is a common procedure performed by a retinal specialist, manufacturing the drug product offers a host of unique requirements and challenges in manufacturing. Many IVT injections require only extreme small volumes with tight fill volume parameters. Ready-to-use syringes may be preferred, and compatibility with the container type may need to be evaluated. Most IVT drug substances are also very expensive to formulate and difficult to procure, which means volume losses will want to be kept to a minimum.

In this webinar, we discuss special considerations for IVT drug manufacture, how to reduce drug product volume loss in fill finish, and how to select a CMO that will meet your needs. We will also cover the challenge of dispensing consistent yet small volume fills and how that need can best be met.

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