An Introduction to Isolator Technology

An Introduction to Isolator Technology

About this webinar:

CEO, Shawn Kinney, presents on the basic concepts of isolator technology during a New England PDA webinar.

This event is appropriate to those with little to intermediate experience and background in isolator and vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP). Types of isolators are reviewed and discussed. The benefits versus traditional class 100 cleanrooms are described. The role of vaporized hydrogen peroxide as a sanitizer is covered. The basic VHP cycle is described and equipment/process considerations are outlined. The anatomy of the isolator is addressed with review of critical components: VHP generators, gloves/glove ports, glove integrity systems, VHP sensors, mouseholes and Rapid Transfer Ports. Finally, the webinar finishes with general discussion of validation of VHP sanitization.

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Wednesday, March 15 | 1PM EST

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