Introducing the Future of Sterile Filling

Introducing the Future of Sterile Filling

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About this event:

Since 2020, we introduced the technology, design, and validation plan for our new, fully automated, highly flexible, and 100% isolator-based filling line through a webinar series called, “The Future of Small Scale Sterile Filling”. Today, our new filling line is constructed and undergoing validation.

We offer a first look at the completed line and close out this webinar series through a documentary-style video featuring eight key contributors from Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing (BSM). This video discusses how the line is designed to perform all types of fills, including automated sterile filling of bulk vials, RTU vials, syringes, and cartridges, and lyophilized products. We also gown into the cleanroom and walk through the new isolator-line chamber by chamber with the Associate Director of Validation, Steven Kinney, to get an up-close view of the new filling line.

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