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A Webinar Series

Perfecting Fill Finish

March 6 - June 12, 2024

This webinar series offers a deep dive into parenteral drug manufacturing, regulatory requirements, and CMO selection. Register for free to access five professionally crafted, pre-recorded films where you will explore cleanrooms, filling lines, and vital discussions with industry experts.

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Webinar Series

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Webinar 1

Aired March 6, 2024

to Fill Finish

This webinar offers a foundational understanding of the aseptic fill finish process. Attendees will learn what fill finish is, how it is performed, what regulatory requirements govern this production process, and what matters to producing high-quality parenteral drug products.

This webinar will be valuable to those that are new to parenteral drug product manfuacturing.

What you'll learn

Webinar 2

Aired April 3, 2024

Fill Finish

This webinar focuses on strategies used by fill finish CMOs to optimize the process for a specific drug product. Participants will uncover tactics to enhance fill quality, manage drug product sensitivities, and minimize product loss. This session also covers the intricacies of designing an optimal aseptic filling process, including how existing filling lines can be aligned to specific container closures and comprehensive insights into streamlining processes.

This event will offer useful information for any sponsor of a parenteral drug product, but especially for those that require special equipment or container closure systems, lyophilization, or mitigation strategies to manage product sensitivities.

What you'll learn

Webinar 3

Aired May 8, 2024

Regulatory Compliance
in Fill Finish

In this webinar, participants will learn the regulatory requirements governing parenteral drug manufacturing and quality testing, along with risk reduction methods and compliance best practices.

This event will be advantageous for pharma companies seeking to produce parenteral drug products as it covers regulations, necessary analytical and microbial testing, consumption levels, phase-specific considerations, emerging trends like PUPSIT and CCIT, and pitfalls to steer clear of, such as open cleanrooms.

What you'll learn

Webinar 4

May 22, 2024


Reaching the Patient

This webinar focuses on the process of getting your product to the patient following fill finish. Participants will gain in-depth insight into how product is labelled, packaged, shipped, and distributed to patients with key information regarding regulatory requirements for labels and packaging and options to best suite you and your patients’ needs. This webinar will also discuss clinical technologies that will optimize clinical trial inventory management and solutions for patient randomization.

This session will be useful for any sponsor with a parenteral IMP or drug product.

What you'll learn

Webinar 5

June 12, 2024


Advanced Techniques & Innovations

In this webinar, we discuss new technology and innovations in fill finish and emerging trends in the industry and regulatory requirements. This session will cover advanced aseptic filling techniques and cutting-edge practices like robotic filling, gloveless isolators or work cells, RTU tub decontamination, low loss filling processes, and retrofitting new container closures to modernized filling lines.

This event aims to provide a comprehensive exploration of technological advancements and novel approaches shaping the future of aseptic filling within the industry.

What you'll learn