Image of Fedegari's technology center in Italy

Fedegari Opens Training Facility in Sellersville, PA

Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing

by Dr. Andrea Wagner, Senior VP Of Business Development



On September 10th BSM’s CEO and head of engineering travelled to Sellersville, PA for the ceremony which marked the opening of Fedegari’s new technology center in the U.S.A. We heard from speakers within the industry, including the Italian consulate in Pennsylvania, about the new center and its mission. The center will give hands-on training to companies that use Fedegari’s equipment and process controller. Participants were able to view autoclaves and decontamination and washer units that were fully functional. The state-of-the-art classroom setting was also showcased, and it was extremely impressive.

BSM is excited to have their fully integrated Fedegari Isolator with Colanar’s semi-automated filling line install in Q1 of 2016. This was delayed a bit from Q3 of this year due to some complexities associated with the design. This will be BSM’s second isolator line and will be fully integrated with an IMA lyo and two RABS systems – one for introduction of sterile materials and the other for capping of vials. We are extremely excited to have Fedegari as the manufacturer of the truly unique piece of equipment.

For more information on BSM’s services or Fedegari’s small scale isolator for clinical to small scale commercial filling please contact Andrea Wagner at



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