Discover the Future of Small Scale Sterile Filling in this Free Webinar Series

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Lee, Massachusetts, Feb. 04, 2021 — Fill Finish CMO, Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing (BSM), will be hosting a free webinar series kickoff on February 10th, 2020 at 1PM EST called The Future of Small-Scale Sterile Filling. The series was produced in collaboration with five leading equipment manufacturers: Claranor, Colanar, Genesis, IMA, and Steriline, with the goal of providing free information regarding the latest technologies in small scale sterile filling.

This webinar series kickoff will describe trends in the advancement of sterile manufacturing, the best technologies for increased sterility assurance, and solutions to challenges with flexible isolator-based filling. The webinar will also focus on the genesis and design of BSM’s newest sterile filling line that is currently under construction and will begin operation in 2022.

“The technology that exists today is incredible,” said BSM CEO and Cofounder, Shawn Kinney. “100% IPC, RTU tub decontamination, advanced flexible filling systems, and operator-less systems are now being incorporated into sterile filling lines. Those that embrace this technology will see a dramatic improvement in flexibility, processing speed, and, of course, sterility assurance.”

The webinar speakers include CEOs, VPs, and Directors from BSM, Claranor, Colanar, Genesis, IMA, and Steriline. This event is a perfect opportunity for viewers to get in depth information from experienced leaders in the industry.


Those interested can register for this free event at


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