Berkshire Sterile to install nearly 1,500 solar panels at their Massachusetts site

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Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing (BSM), a Massachusetts-based sterile filling CDMO, plans to install solar panels by end of Q2 2023 to offset 20% of the company’s energy consumption.

BSM’s 120,000 square foot fill finish and development site in Lee, Massachusetts houses several cleanrooms, laboratories, office spaces, an onsite daycare, and a warehouse. In Q1 2023, the company installed a new roof with a new TPO membrane and improved insulation to reduce energy waste and prepare for the installation of nearly 1,500 solar panels. BSM is purchasing the panels from Dynamic Energy and working with Eversource to gain interconnection approval by demonstrating that the grid and existing infrastructure can support the new panels.

“Replacing the roof was the most involved part of this project,” said Associate Director of Engineering, Ron Trefzger, “now that’s complete, we are just waiting for approval from Eversource to install the panels.”

The planned layout of the solar panels on Berkshire Sterile’s roof will place most panels on the company’s south facing roof.

BSM’s day-to-day operations involve significant energy consumption to maintain cleanrooms, operate sterilization equipment and isolators for drug manufacturing, and to keep the lights and heat on for the 112 hours the plant is open each week.

The planned installation will include nearly 1,500 panels which are expected to produce around 500,000 kWh of electricity per year. This savings could power 47 homes for a full year. For Berkshire Sterile, this will offset 20% of the company’s expected energy spend. On the days that the company is not operating at full capacity and does not use the generated power, the excess power will return to Eversource and BSM will receive a credit back.

BSM will also install eight electric vehicle chargers in its parking lot for customers, employees, and public use. Berkshire Sterile employees will be able to use the chargers for a reduced rate.

BSM expects the panels to be installed in June or July of 2023, largely on their south facing roof, where they will receive the most sunlight.

    About Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing:

    Berkshire Sterile is a state-of-the-art fill finish CDMO that is specialized in small-scale sterile filling of vials, syringes, and cartridges for biotech and pharmaceutical industries. BSM also offers terminal steam sterilization of syringes, specialty filling, and lyophilization of vials all within isolators. Analytical support, stability studies, lyophilization development, formulation development, and method development are also offered. For more information, please visit the company’s website ( or contact them at

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