Berkshire Sterile Employees to Honor and Support Local Veterans

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Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing (BSM), a biotech company producing medicines in Lee, Massachusetts, honored its employees that have served or are serving in the US Armed Forces, last week, and will be supporting local veterans that reside at Berkshire Rehabilitation and Skilled Care Center in Sandisfield through donations.
Over 10% of BSM’s staff are veterans, including several of the company’s leadership team. On Veteran’s Day, the company invited their employees who have served or are serving for an appreciation lunch.

“A number of our employees are veterans or actively serving,” said cofounder and CTO, Dr. Andrea Wagner, “and many of us who work here weren’t aware of it. I believe it’s a small but necessary act to recognize and thank family, friends, acquaintances, and coworkers for serving. These individuals gave precious time out of their lives to protect our freedoms and we are so proud and honored to have them as part of our company.”

Following the lunch, BSM initiated a wish list campaign at the company to encourage employees to gift requested items for veterans residing at the Berkshire Rehabilitation and Skilled Care Center in Sandisfield. The gifts will be collected at BSM and delivered to the home by BSM’s veterans. The center is the only veteran residential care center in Berkshire County. They support 56 vets, including 22 who served in the Army, 17 in the Marines, nine in the Air Force, seven in the Navy, and one in the Coast Guard.

“Many of these veterans are low income or are not in contact with their family, so when they request items such as warm clothing, books, movies, music, and other items, their need is not met,” commented Berkshire Sterile cofounder and CEO, Dr. Shawn Kinney. “This year, we hope to deliver everything on their wish list.”

This year, residents are asking for items such as long sleeve tee shirts, flannel shirts, sweatpants, art books, drawing pads, wall calendars, CDs, CD players, DVDs, hats, and gloves. BSM wrote the items on small American flags then posted them in the entrance to the company. Employees can take a flag, purchase the item listed on it, and return the item with the flag to the company’s Executive Assistant to donate. BSM has organized a similar wish list campaign for its onsite daycare, Busy Bee, to gift local, at-need children Christmas gifts in 2020 with great success. They will be initiating this campaign, too, for a second year.

Flags and stars hang from BSM’s front window for employees to take. Each ornament has the requested item written on the back.

“We have so many generous people working at BSM. We offer several opportunities to give back to the local community, and our expectations are always exceeded by their kindness and generous donations,” said Wagner.

If you are interested in donating to veterans at the Berkshire Rehabilitation and Skilled Care Center in Sandisfield, please contact Lisa Hirle, Recreation Director.

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