Automated Filling Line

Automated Filling Line

Our fully automated filling line is highly flexible and 100% isolator based. It was designed with quality in mind, and it features some new technologies to enhance sterility assurance.

This line can fill bulk and RTU vials, syringes, cartridges up to 60,000 units per batch. It has lyophilization capacity of up to 35,000 10R vials per batch. The line is centered around a highly flexible and innovative filler that can process nearly all container types and sizes and oxygen-sensitive products, viscous products, lyo products, and more!

ScaleContainer TypeLyophilizationPump
Up to 60,000 units per batchVials, syringes, cartridgesYes - up to 35,000 10R vialsPeristaltic & Piston

See this line in action!

We can fill vials, syringes, and cartridges by hand in this fully isolated filling line! See how we fill your product on this filling line

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Aseptic filling of unstable drug products