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BSM’s Amazing Steam Sterilizer

BSM’s FEDEGARI autoclave has the capability to terminally sterilize syringes, bags, vials and ampules with a 20,000 unit load capacity.  The autoclave has internal heat exchangers that can be used to warm the chamber by putting steam through prior to starting a cycle. This eliminates the condensation that normally occurs on the walls of the chamber during standard heat up with a less superior autoclave. To speed up turnaround times BSM’s autoclave is also equipped to use the heat exchangers with cold water to cool the load while pulling vacuum to dry the load.  Less condensation of steam increases efficacy of the sterilization process while also reducing time of the product or equipment in the autoclave.  Consider BSM’s facility for your next clinical fill.  We are committed to the highest quality, come see how BSM can solve your manufacturing needs.

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