Some products are simply too sensitive and require lyophilization to maintain appropriate shelf-life and efficacy for their intended patient.  BSM has a clean-in-place, steam-in-place lyo.  We also have experience with lyophilizing products within a syringe which can reduce costly waste from hold-up volumes.  All filling operations and transfer to the lyo are performed utilizing transfer isolators.

Lyophilization of Syringes and Vials

  • Container Sizes: Client Directed
  • Capacity: Client Directed – up to 6,000 2 ml vials
  • Operations: Manual or Semi-Automated – all Isolator Based
  • Components: Client Specified
  • Fully isolated filling environments
  • Lyo development and optimization services
Pump / Containment System Scale Syringe Size
Peristaltic or Piston/Isolator Clinical up to 6,000 2.0 ml to 20ml